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BlitzCode Systems, 4 Lavendar, Runwal Srushti, Opp Mauli Petrol Pump, behind Manhatten, near Talwalkar Gym, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India.
Phone: +91 72765 78911

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For Blitz Code, “Reliable & Resilient Code @ Lightning speed” is more than just our motto – it reflects our approach to every engagement. Founded in 2016 , BlitzCode was created in response to the growing business need of reliable, transparent and cost effective IT services .

BlitzCode takes an agile collaborative approach to create customized solution across the digital spectrum. We serve industries like Education, E-commerce, Health, Banking, Insurance etc. We take pride in being one of the most versatile and transparent organization.

Why US

Clarity of thought

For someone who wants to enhance his business capabilities, you would expect to find a software partner  who  would understands your needs.It is our responsibility to analyse, extract and understand every minute detail. With the clarity on requirements we would give you the best  solution.

Total Solution Providers

We provide  an exhaustive list of services . These include

  • Development and maintenance of outsourced products, custom web and mobile applications
  • Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance services
  • Web Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Technology Migration
  • Data Mining, Analysis and Reporting

People And Technologies

Our team  of analysts, engineers, programmers and designers are proficient in their respective fields. We constantly keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies.This helps in servicing our clients with cutting edge and niche technologies and platforms.

Financial Feasibility And Timely Deliverables

Budget has always been a constraint when deciding to partner with a solutions provider. Our focus is to provide clients with effective solutions that are high performing , resilient and adaptable to change within a stipulated  budget.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and agile development methodologies are a norm at BlitzCode. Our experts follow these development and delivery models to ensure that projects are completed within a specific time frame. Plus, the client could transparently and easily monitor progress of their projects at any time and place.

Reach us any time any place

Communication is an integral component for the success of an project. We believe that the clients should not face the brunt of losses caused by any delay of communication or no communication at all. Clients are free to contact us any time of the day using any kind of mode of communication that is the client is comfortable with for e.g email, sms, chat, mobile. All these details are share with our clients, so in case of any urgent or unforeseen circumstances our experts could be contacted.

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